6 Ways To Use Personalized Die Cut Stickers

Stickers have been around for a long time; the earliest traces of them come from ancient Egypt where paper was stuck to walls using plaster. Since stickers were invented, people have loved sticking them everywhere! There are about as many uses for personalized die cut stickers as there are people. Here are just six ways to use personalized die cut stickers:

1. Laptops

One of the most iconic uses for die cut stickers is personalizing your laptop. Many people create works of art with several stickers displayed on the top of their laptop; the stickers can show a bit of their personality and make great conversation starters. When you have your favorite band, a great quote, or your favorite food stuck on your computer, you sure never have to worry about confusing your laptop with someone else's!

2. Bumpers 

Another tried and true place for stickers is your car's bumper. People have proudly displayed their fandoms, teams, politics, or attitude on their bumpers for years. One advantage of using die cut stickers here is the bold public statement it can make and the sheer number of people who will see your sticker on the morning commute. 

3. The Fridge 

Of course, we have the good old standby— the fridge. People have been using the fridge to display magnets and photos since the fridge was invented. Why not use your fridge as a sticker canvas?

4. Doors 

A great place to put stickers (and consequently mark your territory) is on doors. You can make a sticker collage on your bedroom door, inside your closet door, or on your dorm room door. Every time you open the door, you will be just a bit happier; be sure you have permission to sticker the door, if you don't own it! 

5. Guitar Case 

A true classic, the layers of stickers covering a guitar case give it flair and personality, and can tell a story about you. Some people choose to cover their guitar cases in stickers from all the places they have traveled and turn their case into a road-map of their life. 

6. Bicycle 

A bicycle is a great, and interestingly shaped, display for your personalized die cut stickers. Much like a car bumper, a bike allows you to display your favorite things while on the go, and at the same time make a cool style statement. 

However you decide to use your personalized die cut stickers, own it; make them an extension of your personality, and most of all, have fun!