How To Improve Safety By Using Floor Decals

Companies use symbols all over workplaces and commercial spaces to improve safety. One of the best tools for the job is a set of appropriate and well-targeted floor decals. You can use floor decals in the following five ways to create a safer location.

Designating Restricted Areas

Especially in places with open floor plans, such as warehouses, it can be hard for people walking through the space to know where the restricted locations are. By putting down decals, you can demarcate where it is safe for them to go.

Likewise, you can use different colors to indicate the level of potential risk. In a building with chemicals, for example, you can designate green, yellow, and red zones based on the risks posed by materials in the area. Particularly if it's a high-noise environment, this can help people quickly understand what they're safe or not.

Lanes and Direction Arrows

Managing traffic is often the best way to prevent accidents. If you use traffic flows to prevent problems, it may be beneficial to include floor decals in your plans. You can use arrows and lanes to direct people through the layout. If you need everyone to stay to the right, for example, the decals will indicate that.

Similarly, you can create lanes for specific purposes. For example, you might want to have a lane to one side for equipment and the other for foot traffic.

Instructions and Warnings

While it's often easier to set up signs, some locations don't lend themselves to this approach. Putting instructions and warnings on the floor ensures that the indications won't be accidentally moved or knocked down.

However, you need to make sure the lettering and symbols are simple and readable. Depending on the distances and speeds that people approach the area at, you may need to use longer decals to improve visibility.

Emergency Exit Decals

In an emergency, every second matters. Using floor decals, you can provide detailed directions to the nearest emergency exit. If necessary, you can use two sets of colors to indicate different routes, too. It's also a good idea to note how many feet away the exit is so people can make split-second decisions.

Directions to Safety Equipment

You may also want to apply floor decals that help people find safety equipment. For example, you might want to direct folks to where the fire extinguishers and suppression controls are in case of an incident.